There is no doubt that there are many available dishes that humans all around the globe consume. From BBQs, Fish and Chick, Roasted Pig, and more. There are many variations of dishes we have as we also have several types of meat sources.  

With the rise of vegetarians or people who want to have a healthier diet, the concerns about what meat to consume have become relevant and important. One of the concerns and common questions is, “which is healthier, white or dark meat?” As with all things in life, these two have pros and cons, and those are the things we will share with your today.  


Dark meat has a “darker” shade of color compared to white meat, hence the “dark” term used to describe this type of meat. The meats that fall into this category include bison, pork, beef, veal, venison, and duck.  

What are the pros and cons? 

It is the high amount of myoglobin that provides this meat a rich red color. This meat is cut and taken from the muscular tissue of the animals that contain a high amount of iron and protein. This is also true to chicken (considered as white meat). chicken thighs have darker and redder shade than the breast because of the muscles found in the legs. But take note that chicken, in general, is considered to be white meat.  

Heme iron, a specific type of iron is generally found in dark meat and is easily absorbed by the human body compared to the minerals found in other meats.  

There are many researches that prove dark meat is actually less healthy compared to white meat as the former contains more cholesterol that may lead to clogged arteries. However, this meat also contains taurine, which is a heart-fighting nutrient  

These meats are also linked to breast and colorectal cancers that are caused by the high consumption of these meats and the process that the meat has undergone. In connection to this, they are used in processed foods such as hotdogs, bacon, and meatloaf.  


These meats include turkey, chicken, and all types of seafood including fish. 

What are the pros? 

White meat is leaner and therefore contains less fat compared to the dark meat. For instance, 3.5 oz of beef contains 205 calories while chicken has 173. Also, this chicken fat contains 110mg of omega 3s, which is six times higher than the beef contains. This is the reason why it is the choice for those who are concern with their fat intake. 

What are the cons? 

There are two cons of chicken. First, it lacks nutrients that red meat offers such as riboflavin and thiamin. Second, a lot of chicken raised in the agricultural industry is treated with hormones that allow faster growth. Some of these chickens are actually fed with arsenic, which is used to poison rat. One of the best ways to consume white meat is to make sure they are organically raised to have minimal cons consuming this meat.